Lying on top bunk listening to my husbands heaving breathing as the boat rocks back and forth I can’t help but wonder… Why are some of us more sea sick than others? It is of course biology but why? 

This juvenile train of through then, once again, made me think about my own children… “But why, mum?” 

As annoying as it is to be asked over and over those same two words, it is in fact wonderful to know that WANT to know more. Their hunger for knowledge is endless and the world a place of discovery and adventure.  

Is it juvenile to continue thinking this way? Immature, as some may say? Or is it empowering? Is it what keeps us young? (On the inside for sure) Is it what drives us and pushes us forward to never accept what is, simply IS? 

I like to think the latter. I like finding new ways. I like learning and developing and endlessly asking why? I believe it helps me to be better.

A better mum.

A better business owner.

A better friend.

A better human.
Then I sat and listened to him painstakingly vomit his pan au chocolat into the cabin lavatory and pondered some more…. 

Surely there is more to this! 

And maybe this is what I need to work on. 

As a teacher I should know it, ingrained on my subconscious by now. After asking the question, gathering more information and coming to a conclusion, what now? How has this informed my actions? Because that’s what it’s really about. 

Assess. Reflect. Change. Develop 

(I am sure there are a few clever little acronyms that I should know, or used to know but after 2 babies and 30 months out of “proper” teaching my brain may have popped them into my “lessimportantcodswollop” section!)

So with regard to the most pressing question on my mind right now… “Why do we all accept that we live to work and then we die?” I know WHY but now WHAT? What do I do over the coming months to change that path? Break free from the “normal” socially acceptable way of living? 

I feel  planning session coming on!

And with regard to my husbands sticky situation? I better put down my phone, find him some antisickness drugs and Google the cheapest alternative mode of transport for our next big adventure! 





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