Can you smell it?  

It’s a combination of fresh paint and freshly cut lillies, standing tall in a vase in the window.  Surrounding the flowers you’ll see a seasonal display of my latest products. The lighting creates a relaxeed atmosphere, music playing softly. A low ceiling because the building sits within a Tudor style row of similar boutiques in a small Market Town. 

Staff are pleasant, supportive and honest in their recommendations.  They share their experiences of the products and those of other customers.  The products are ethically made and support my key values, they cost a little more than average but their quality is high and I offer guarantee of this via a money back guarantee. 

Behind the shop lies our offices,  where we praise of staff, award them with incentives from cars to spa days to all inclusive holidays. I know my team players well, I know their families and accommodate their needs accordingly. We regularly get together to share good practice, reflect on previous business and plan not only how to move the business forward but also how to develop and grow on a personal level. 

I am lucky to be able to open my little shop every day but able to close the doors flexibly around the needs of my family.  I don’t pay rent nor do I pay rates, no commercial electricity bills, in fact I have almost zero fixed business expenditure. I don’t order stock until a customer places one with me, therefore I am never out of pocket. 

I set my shop up with the support of a group of amazing people. They set up a website for me, offered me training if I needed it, to be completed at my leisure. They came along on my launch night to help me because I didn’t really know a lot about the products back then and I wasn’t confident enough to do it alone.  They regularly check how I am getting on and send me cards, flowers,  gifts to celebrate the success I am achieving.  More importantly they tell me when I am doing a good job and reach out a hand if I need their support. I am in business for myself but never by myself.  

One day I will be able to take back seat from my shop, I will be able to take even more time for me and my family but still make a good living from it. I will be able to retire early and know that my earnings are willable, safe for my children to have if something should happen to me. 

Does it sound too good to be true? 

It is!

Well, the shop bit anyway! 

It would have cost me tens of thousands of pounds to open a physical shop like the one I described.  But the rest is true. 

My shop is my home.

My office is where ever I want it to be.

My staff are my friends who I helped to set up in business too.

My support group are my business mentors.

This is called Network Marketing. 

I believe it’s the greatest business in the World. 




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