Like my two little monkeys, I have always stood out from the crowd.  When I was little (very lttle) it was my Deardrie Barlow  (UK Soap star) glasses. When I was a little older it was my bossy nature and love of @Meatloaf! As a teenager,  my opinions about topical matters and outspoken nature. 
I still don’t really “fit in” in the conventional sense. Bat at the age of 31 as a mum of two, I am OK with that! In fact I quite like it!

Just being an entrepreneur makes me one of the 5% of people who just don’t want to settle for normal. It is OK to be normal too. It’s just not for me. 

I want more! Are you part of the “NOT NORMAL” statistic? 

Embrace it. Find someone to be “NOT NORMAL” with. Give me a call!

#outsidethebox #notnormal

#bedifferent #beawesome


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