Looking back through my old social media posts makes me feel awful. I can feel it all over again.  That dread, somewhere between the pit of your stomach and your pounding chest!
You feel your chin rise slowly as you search through the depths of your closet for your  satchel (or in my case a bag that resembled something the size of those you take away as hand luggage when you’re NOT with Ryanair).  But it’s not the type of chin ascension associated with pride, no no. It’s the type that you might compare with when you have gone just a smidge too far in the ‘Big Pool’and can no longer touch the floor. You take a deep breathe in through your nose as the water rises around your face and you know that very, very soon you’ll be gasping for breathe.

You spend the night before you start to flick through Jobsite, hoping, clinging to the possibilty that there was one you missed.  You know the ones; Charity Education Officer, Museum Events Coordinator, Some Fancy Company Schools Liason Officer.  But no. You hadn’t missed them, they either don’t exsist or they pay minimum wage (yet still require degree level qualifications!)

That’s when you see it… It’s in your local town. It’s more than minimum wage. You know you will enjoy it. It’s the perfect job. Why not just go for it?! Yep, I’m going do it. I’m going to apply to be Manager at Aldi.

This is not, in any way meant to offend anyone who is reading this and just so happens to be a manager in Aldi. I genuinely would have traded places with you on many an occasion.  

But did I spend 5 years doing a degree part time, 1 year on a GTP being paid less than my paper boy, 1 year crying my way through 3 ring binders of evidence as an NQT and the last howevermany years slaving to the demands of the government to quit now and throw it all away? (Throw what away exactly? 

There MUST be something else? There MUST be. 

I did this every September.  Then I did this every school holiday. Then I did this every Sunday. Until occasionally I found myself doing this on the odd lunchtime. And believe me, there were tears. 

There IS something else. You ARE worth more than this. You CAN escape. 

If you are willing to find the time (No don’t hit me! I know… TIME?!?! I can, from my own experience,  show you how to manage your time, in 10 or 15 minute slots) and put in some hard work in the short term. I can and will show you how, I will hold your hand, I will wipe your tears and I will take on every new challenge WITH you to build a business that will give you a stable, secure, WILLABLE income that will exceed your Teacher salary and allow you to eventually DESIGN YOUR OWN LIFE.

If it takes 3 months, 6… 12… 18 months would it be worth it? 

If I asked you “If you could work from anywhere, with anyone, in your own style, help others, develop as person, make lots of new friends and a hell of a lot more money in 18 months, would you be willing to FIND that extra time NOW?” What would your answer be?

Stop thinking about what you have to lose if you DO. What about if you DON’T. What will next September look like for you?

If this makes you even a tiny bit curious please do ring, text, email me today. Not tomorrow.  TODAY.

I’m not going to ask you to Marry me! I don’t want to push you into doing anything you don’the want. I am a coach not a bully. I want to know HOW I can help you. That’s it. 

Enjoy September.  


Kate Bowers

(Primary Teacher – If it wasn’t obvious!)






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